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Metal pre-treatment

Metal pre-treatmentSupreem Powder offers an expert metal pre-treatment service to ensure that all metal components we work with are in optimum state to receive their powder coat application.

Metal pre-treatment involves either mechanical pre-treatment or chemical pre-treatment and we specialise in both forms, leaving your metal primed and ready for a successful powder coating.

Metal Pre-Treatment

Mechanical pre-treatment

Mechanical cleaning involves sand blasting and scratch brushing the surface of the metal to remove irregularities.

Powder coating must be done quickly afterwards however, to avoid corrosion, as the metal is in a reactive state for only a short time following mechanical pre-treatment.

Metal Pre-Treatment

Chemical pre-treatment

Chemical pre-treatment involves immersing the metal in a chemical solution to remove dirt, oil and grease.

Different chemicals are used to pre-treat the base metal depending on what it is, but you can trust Supreem Powder’s expertise to provide flawless results every time.

The name trusted by the professionals

Supreem Powder has long been established as the number one name in Warwickshire for metal pre-treatment and powder coating.

With nearly 40 years of experience behind us, it’s no wonder we are the name that the professionals turn to.

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